Leveling or Lifting Your Truck, How To Choose

Deciding whether you want to level or lift your truck depends on what you need your truck to do for you. If you do a lot of hauling or towing then you want to level your truck, if you like to go off-roading and need more ground clearance and just want a taller stance, then you want to lift your truck.Following is a short explanation of leveling versus lifting.


From the factory, your truck comes with a “rake” that puts the rear slightly higher than the front of the truck. This is designed to make your truck sit level when there are rear seat passengers or cargo in the bed. It makes your truck safer by making handling easier and lessens wear on suspension parts.

Leveling your truck raises the front end a few inches, typically one to three, to match the rear height and eliminate the factory “rake.” This allows you additional clearance for bigger tires and gives your truck a sleeker stance. The towing and hauling ability is also unaffected as the back suspension is not changed.


Lifting your truck gives it a more aggressive stance and can add superior ground clearance for any off-road endeavor. Lifts range from two to eight inches and are done one of two ways, a body lift or a suspension lift. Both raise the entire truck allowing for much larger tires and wheels, while a suspension lifts also adds plenty of room to get over rough terrain.

Body Lift

A body lift uses blocks and spacers to lift the body of your truck higher off the frame. This allows for more clearance for bigger tires, but ground clearance, suspension and handling remain nearly the same.

Suspension Lift

A suspension lift is for those off-road warriors that want a big truck that will take on any terrain. Suspension lifts call for replacing factory suspension components, driveshaft, steering, and other parts to lift the entire vehicle. This allows room for large tires and a massive amount of ground clearance.

Choosing to level or lift your truck depends on what you need your truck to do for you. Whether you need to haul or tow, tackle the roads less taken or just want some bigger tires you have plenty of options to dress up your truck. Young’s Auto Care Center of Norco, CA can help you with levelling or lifting your truck from 2 to 8 inches to give you the look and performance you want. Book an appointment online or call us today at 951-268-6208 and let us dress up your truck!

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