5 Ways to Get the Coolest Air Conditioning

There is nothing better than cruising in a nice, cool car on a hot summer day. But, are you getting the most out of your vehicle’s air conditioning system? Believe it or not, there are ways to make your air conditioning work better and help you save on fuel. Following are five ways to make sure you have the coolest air conditioning in your car this summer.

Clean Your Filters

Make sure all of your cabin air filters are clean. Dirty filters decrease airflow inside the vehicle and decrease the amount of air being pulled in to be cooled. Check your owner’s manual to find where the filter is located. In most cases, it is located somewhere inside the glove box, but in other cases, it will require a bit more dismantling to replace. In this case, you would want to find a good mechanic to replace the filter for you.

Always Use Outside Air

While you might be tempted to recirculate the cool air to keep it cool, it only draws the air from the front area of the vehicle. This leaves an area of stagnant, warm air in the back seats, which can make back seat passengers uncomfortable and make your air conditioner actually work harder.

Do Not Idle and Cool

When you first start your car after it has been sitting for a long period, do not be tempted to sit with the air conditioning on to cool it off. Your air conditioning actually works better and more efficiently when the vehicle is moving. As the engine turns faster, the a/c compressor turns faster, and the system works much more effectively to cool off your vehicle.

If your vehicle has been sitting in direct sun and is really hot, you can drive hot air out by turning your air conditioning fan on high while you are driving and opening your rear windows for a few minutes. If you have rear air conditioning vents and no one is in the back, you also want to make sure they are closed to give the front passengers the maximum amount of cooling.

Make it Cold

Always set your air conditioning temperature as low as it will go and use the fan as the adjustment. Most air conditioning systems are set to 38 degrees, and by increasing the temperature it actually forces the system to heat the air, making the system work less efficiently. Keeping it at the lowest temperature also keeps the air from being dry, which also makes it feel cooler.

Disable Start/Stop

Many vehicles are now equipped with the fuel-saving start/stop feature. While it saves on fuel, it can also turn the air conditioning compressor off when it stops. This can start to get uncomfortable on very hot days if you are stuck in traffic or at long stoplights. While you may lose a bit in fuel efficiency, the comfort of having continuous air conditioning more than makes up for it on a blistering hot day.

We hope these five tips will help you keep cool and save on fuel during these upcoming hot summer days. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a hot car on a hot day. Does your air conditioning need some help or do you need a cabin air filter replaced? Young’s Auto Care Center is here to help! Book an appointment online or call us at 951-268-6208 today!

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